Thursday, 19 January 2012

World Day of Prayer

Churches of all denominations in the city and district of North Vancouver will be worshiping together at the World Day of Prayer service on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

In recent years there has been little participation by the Anglican churches of our deanery.  This is a perfect opportunity to consider how you and your fellow parishioners can re-dedicate yourselves to this important worship.

Why should you participate?  Canadian Anglicans have been involved in an ecumenical day of prayer since 1897.  If we don't participate, that proud lineal descent will end due to our lack of effort.

World Day of Prayer is the one ecumenical we participate in every year.  At this time, more than ever, we need to reach out to and ally with our fellow Christians.

It is an opportunity to link ourselves with others around the world who will be praying for God's help in our lives and for peace and justice for all.

- Submitted by Dana Bowman