Friday, 9 March 2012

2012 Regional Council Convenes

Last night, the new North Vancouver Regional Council met for the first time at St. Catherine's.  As people may or may not know, lay members are elected for two year terms at their annual vestry meetings.  Last night the council welcomed four new members.

The evening started off with a pot luck supper, and despite no sign up and minimal advance planning, we ended up with a surprisingly well balanced meal.

The meeting began with the usual introductions, and we re-elected Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles to chair the meetings once again for the coming year.  He explained how the council operates, and we got to the business at hand.

Some highlights of the business part of the meeting include:

  • St. Claire's the building is up for sale, but St. Claire's the worshipping community lives on
  • We have decided to post the regional council meeting minutes on this blog once they've been approved.  This will improve transparency and communication to the region
  • The property task group is making excellent progress in assessing all the state of all church-owned buildings in the region.  The diocese has been extremely helpful with this process