Friday, 13 April 2012

2012 Regional Council

Here's a picture of the 2012 regional council who attended last night's meeting.  Also, the March meeting minutes have been posted on the Important Documents page.

Members of North Vancouver Regional Council April 12, 2012

Front Row (L to R): Judy Brear (St. Agnes), Christine Rowe (St. Catherine), Carine Frisch (St. Clare), Dora Harvey (St Catherine), Darlene Clarke (St. Martin), Kathy Campbell (St. Agnes)

Back Row (L to R):  Laurie Dye (St. Clare), Kim Staus (Gloria Dei), Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles (Chair), Alison Brookfield (St. John), Phil Sunderland (St. Catherine), Penny Connell (St. John), John Stowe (St. Clement), Dana Bowman (Diocesan Council Rep), Jim Berger (Gloria Dei), Stephen Muir (St. Agnes).

Not shown:  Lynda Faivre-Duboz, Lynne McNaughton, Mike Nelson, Delayne Sartison, Sarah Tweedale

Thursday, 12 April 2012

30 Hour Famine

St. Martin's is inviting any youth from other parishes in the deanery to help raise money for World Vision through the 30 Hour Famine.  For those who haven't heard of the 30 Hour Famine before, it's the world's biggest youth fundraiser.  The money raised goes to education, safety, nutrition, and water projects all around the world.

The St. Martin's famine will take place on Friday-Saturday May 25-26.  Prior to that, participants will be gathering pledges from family, friends, and fellow parishioners.  On May 25th, participants will stop eating at 1 PM on Friday, and will proceed to St. Martin's at 7:30 PM.  At 7 PM the next day, we will all break our fast with a pizza feast (it usually ends up being the best tasting pizza you'll eat all year).  In between, we'll be playing games, watching TV, hanging out, and generally having a great time.  If you're lucky, you might even get some sleep.

If your parish youth group or any individuals are interested, contact Mike Nelson at as soon as possible so you can start fundraising.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dancing Through the Centuries

There will be a classical music concert, "Dancing Through the Centuries" at St. John's Anglican church in North Van on April 29th, 2012.  Tickets are available at the door.


J.S.Bach        Suite no.2 in B Minor    arr. by Max Reger

    II. Rondeau
    IV.Bourree I and Bourree II
    VI. Menuet
    VII. Badinerie
J.S.Bach         Zer fliesse mein herze   from St. John Passion
Schubert         Fantasia in F Minor op.103
    Allegro molto moderato
    Allegro vivace
H.Villa-Lobos  Bachianas Brasileiras no.5 -  Aria Cantilena
    Piazzolla          Histoire du Tango
    Bordel - 1900
    CafĂ© 1930
    Nightclub 1960
    Concert d'aujourd'hui
A.L.Webber     All I Ask of You    from The Phantom of the Opera
I.Albeniz           Tango  arr. by F. Kreisler
C. Gardel          Tango por Una Cabeza     from Scent of a Woman    arr. by John Williams

Details are in the poster below:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pastoral Care Workshop

On Saturday March 24th, the Deanery held a Pastoral Care Workshop for interested members of pastoral care teams of the North Vancouver Anglican worshipping communities. 22 people attended from across the Deanery. This was an opportunity to get to know one another and to hear from our speaker - Denise Caldwell, B.A., a well known counselor, who provided very useful insight into the roles played by pastoral care team members, through active listening, empathy and understanding. Denise’s session was followed by some time in small groups learning about our experiences and joys in pastoral care.

The Deanery Ministry Team is planning other development opportunities to help support parishioners involved in this vital pastoral care ministry in our own communities.

Elizabeth Mathers