Monday, 31 March 2014

Mosque Visit

On Sunday March 30th, forty-five Anglicans and Lutherans were guests at Masjid Ar-Ramnan, the mosque in the former St. Richard's building in North Vancouver. As part of a North Vancouver Lenten Visiting Program "Who is my neighbour?" members of St. Catherine's, the North Van region, St. John Port Moody and the diocesan Ecumenical and Multi-faith Unit studied the story of the good samaritan, learned about the what being a good neighbour means in Islam, and toured the mosque.

Youth Sleepover at St. Clement's

The First Sunday of Lent was an unusual one at St. Clement’s. Our priest, the Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton, the Regional Youth Ministry Coordinator, the Rev. Andrew Halladay, and Caroline Battista who is our Sunday School Coordinator hosted a Junior Youth Sleepover at St. Clement’s on Saturday March 8th. As Lynne remarked, given that it was also the night the clocks went forward an hour, this was perhaps not too smart, but everyone had tremendous fun despite the tiredness. The youth prepared Lenten Banners on the theme of pilgrimage: with the help of our deacon the Rev. Elizabeth Mathers they worked with brown paper and charcoal, tracing their feet. The theme was further supplemented by cacti on the Altar and a “desert road”, lined with rocks and desert-like plants invited us to journey to the Altar, where we were fed with bread and wine.

The Gospel of The Temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4: 1-11) was acted out by the youth in a very imaginative and energetic way, including a couple of cheerleading lifts! The parish was then invited to wonder about the presentation: I wonder what stood out to you. I wonder where how we are tempted. I wonder if you have ever had an encounter with an angel or with the devil. It was a thought-provoking exercise for us all and the youth did an amazing job. Then we were led in prayer, also by the youth, who took turns at the microphone reading a prayer they had all worked on.

This was an amazing Sunday for us all and we look forward to another exciting Youth-led service.

Wilna Parry
Jesus is temped in the desert

The angels came and took care of Jesus after he overcame the devil's temptions

The desert road leading to the Altar, where we are fed

Lenten Altar

Monday, 24 March 2014

Who's My Neighbour: Mosque Visit

March 30: Masjid Ar-Raham, mosque at the former St. Richards

Sunday March 30th as part of our Lenten Study-Action Program we will visit Masjid Ar-Raman, the mosque at the former St. Richard’s church building.

Please bring a bag-lunch and meet at St. Catherine’s in the Mary Pellat Room at 12:45 for a time of prayer and preparation. (1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver)

You will get the most from your experience if you are able to pray and prepare before:

Read Luke 10:25-37 and the study questions (attached)
Read the Guidelines for Interfaith Conversations (attached)
Visit the masjid website
View this short music video by Kareem Salama
 In the Ash Wednesday service we are called to keep a holy Lent through giving alms. Almsgiving or Zakat is also one of the core principles and practices of Islam. During our visit we will make a group gift to the Zakat Box for those in need, individuals are welcome to contribute as well.

We have been asked by our hosts to observe modest dress during our visit. Most of us already dress modestly on a Sunday morning. Please wear long or ¾ sleeves, a skirt, dress or slacks and women bring a scarf to cover your head when we are in the mosque. No shorts, short skirts or bare arms, please.

Meet at St. Catherine’s, 1058 Ridgewood Dr., North Van at 12:45

If you are meeting us at Ar-Raman, 1398 W. 15th St., North Van, at 2pm you need to have read the Guidelines for Interfaith Conversations before you come.

If you plan to attend please let Laurel Dykstra know by e-mail so that we can tell our hosts how many to expect.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Who is my neighbour?

As part of our Lenten visiting program called "Who is my neighbour?" ten Anglicans and Lutherans from 4 North Van (and 1 Vancouver) parishes visited Jose Figueroa, a Salvadoran man living in sanctuary in Walnut Grove church in Langley. Our next visit will be to Masjid Ar-Raham, the mosque at the former St. Richard's church. For more information see the St. Catherine's website. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ash Wednesday Services

Lutheran and Anglican Churches of North Vancouver


Begin the Season of Lent with Eucharist and the ancient sign of Ashes

The following alternative times are available for sharing Ash Wednesday with Lutherans and Anglicans.

Choose one which suits you:

7:30 a.m. St. Clement in Lynn Valley, 3400 Institute Rd.

12 Noon St. Agnes, 530 12th Street

7:30 p.m. St. Catherine Anglican 1058 Ridgewood Drive


 Gloria Dei Lutheran 1110 Gladwin Drive

Metro Vancouver Alliance Founding Meeting on March 19

On March 19, 2014, representatives of our 36 member organizations, representing 200,000 citizens, will gather at Metro Vancouver Alliance’s founding meeting. We will celebrate the launch of an exciting and powerful new organization, and begin working together to bring real change to our city.

The North Vancouver Lutheran & Anglican Churches are members of the MVA via the Eco-Justice Working Group.

Saturday, March 22: Regional Ministry Plan Consultation

All members of the five Anglican and two Lutheran churches in North Vancouver are invited to attend a special consultation on our Regional Ministry Plan. We will assess what we have accomplished and set new goals for the future. Please come if you can: St Catherine’s, 1085 Ridgewood Drive from 9 am to 3 pm.